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Sacci Hook

Art. no. 223427 (1" ball), 223406 (1.5" ball)

The Sacci Hook is an innovative solution for all those who carry things at work. With its unique design, developed both to be ergonomic and to function as an extra hand, it’s suitable for a variety of purposes. With the Sacci Hook we want to facilitate and streamline people’s work and offer the possibility of preventing poor health and occupational injury.

As the weight is distributed over both shoulders you reduce harmful strain on other parts of the body. The product is hung over the shoulder, with or without straps, and is easy to put on and take off. The stomach plate can be adjusted for both height and angle, making the product both efficient and flexible. It is ideal for a variety of purposes such as computer use, control unit operation, remote laser sensing and the like.

​​​​​​​Sacci also has its own production of brackets for specific customisation.

Weight: 1,050 g (1,200 g)

Measurements (WxH):  300x640 mm

Colour: Black

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Emergency responders work in shifts while the equipment is often used around the clock and becomes soiled. Naturally, all Sacci products can be washed.
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Our Swedish-made carrying equipment is the most hard-wearing in the industry. Demanding professions and situations, however, will wear on even the toughest materials. In that case we will be happy to help you with all possible repairs.
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